Bal Burlesque 2019 - MC - DJs

The 2019 Burlesque Ball is pleased to be bringing the very best and talented entertainment on March 8th. We welcome all of you Kings and Queens to step into Bain Mathieu, transformed as you’ve never seen it before and experience a taste of forbidden fruit. From the moment you arrive, your senses are sure to get tantalized, teased, and turned way on with the explosive cast of performers and entertainment we have lined up.

She’s a smouldering hot and energetic Queen of sass that you’re not soon to forget; we’re thrilled to welcome the hostess with the mostess, our Burlesque Ball MC, Laura Desiree!

Laura Desiree - Bal Burlesque 2019

Laura Desiree

Laura Desiree launched her performance career on the bar-tops and bottle service tables of New York City’s high-end hotels and Lower East Side dive bars. As a promoter for a number of nightlife events, Laura became a popular go-go dancer and Burlesque Performer under the guidance of Miss Jo “Boobs” Weldon and the New York School Of Burlesque. Returning to her hometown of Toronto, Laura went on to produce and perform erotic-based cabaret entertainment locally and internationally, performing across Europe and North America numerous times. Laura created shock driven art performances for the stage at Toronto’s Candyland as their Creative Director, and in 2017, she signed on as resident anchor and associate producer of NakedNews, seen on Playboy TV and cable networks. While globetrotting to Emcee sexy events and strip her clothes off in the spotlight, she appropriately dons the title of “The Big City Kitty”.

DJ Khalil - Speakeasy Electro Swing - Bal Burlesque
Jean-Sebastien Leblanc - Speakeasy Electro Swing - Bal Burlesque

Speakeasy Electro Swing

The energy of the night will be unforgettable, thanks in part to Montreal’s own Kings of Electro Swing! From 9:00 to Midnight, their sexy sounds from eras past and present will get your bodies moving, your hearts beating, and bring the soul of Burlesque directly to the dance floor. We’re thrilled to announce the 2019 Burlesque Ball DJs, Speakeasy Electro Swing featuring Khalil.m & Jean-Sébastien Leblanc.

Born in the secrecy of a Montreal loft 8 years ago, Speakeasy Electro Swing Montreal had a plan to bring rhythm out into broad daylight with a unique concept: to marry the music of the first Great Depression to the technology of the second…and swing like crazy! Even Al Capone wouldn’t say no to…Speakeasy Electro Swing!

DJ Thério - Bal Burlesque

DJ Thério

DJ Thério is an amazing DJ from Montreal, Québec who specializes in fusion latino brazilian styles, selecting the top 40 flavors of the moment for the dance floor’s delight. After living in Brasil for a year, he experienced and evolved his craft by mixing in some of Sao Paulo”s most famous venues such as the Pestana, Hotel Copacabana and Beach Club Café de la Musique. He is currently resident DJ at the Jack Saloon, Houston Laval and the Etcetera in Fontaine Bleau. Having mixed & performed in more than 60 clubs & festivals of the province of Quebec, he has a tremendous curriculum to his name counting major venues such as the 5inq, Horloge Beach Club, Clébard, La Porte Rouge, Auberge Saint-Gabriel and Renaissance Hotel Terrasse.

Code de conduite

Code of Conduct

Foxy Lexxi Productions aims to create a unique environment for people to meet, flirt, dance and connect in a setting that is sexy, uninhibited and playful. Although the goal of our party is to have fun with our sensuality, the Burlesque Ball is all about acceptance, tolerance, and RESPECT and we swear by our codes of conduct.

Foxy Lexxi would like to make everyone feel welcome and at the Burlesque Ball, regardless of their gender identity, orientation, or ethnicity; whatever makes you uniquely sexy, we are here to celebrate it. We want women to feel like the Queens of the party and most importantly, set the rules and the limits. Women should feel comfortable to play as they please without any advances from unsolicited people.

Invited guests should understand and respect even the subtlest signs of a “no” (i.e. that someone is not interested).

Flirtation, kissing and touching is encouraged with permission from your playmates but sexual activity is
NEVER accepted at our parties. Better yet, we suggest you build the sexual tension throughout the night… and then release it in the privacy and comfort of your own home or hotel room.

Excessive drinking, to the point of disrupting other guests’ fun, will lead to IMMEDIATE expulsion.

Women should never feel uncomfortable to reject any advance. However, please make an attempt to be courteous. If you feel you are being disrespected, please advise an organiser of the event or see a security agent so that they can be aware of unbecoming behaviors of the specific attendee.

Men should remember that it is a privilege to be at this party. With this in mind, male guests at the Burlesque Ball are expected to be charming, chivalrous, friendly, receptive to non-verbal signals and never dominating or aggressive.


Early bird: 55$ until Feb 15th
• Regular: 65$ starts: Feb 16th to March 7th
• Same day: 75$


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